Accuplacer Test Prep

ACCUPLACER Placement Testing at SC4

All students enrolling at St. Clair County Community College (SC4) are required to complete three placement tests at the college or submit prior test scores before registering for classes.  SC4's placement test is called ACCUPLACER.

Preparing for the ACCUPLACER

Like any test, the more you know about it the better you are likely to do.  New middle college students and students who are retaking one of the ACCUPLACER tests should spend time learning about each test and trying the practice items before taking the tests.

Next Generation ACCUPLACER

SC4 requires incoming students to take the following 3 ACCUPLACER tests:

WritePlacer Essay

Note:  Students will not take the ACCUPLACER "Writing" test, which is multiple choice.  So, do not spend time practicing for the Writing test.

Here is a link to the ACCUPLACER home page for students:  On this page you will see links to "Student Practice", "Taking the Test", and "Inside the Test".  You explore all three pages, but you should start with the "Student Practice" page.

Student Practice - This page includes a link to the ACCUPLACER practice app.  This is a great resource provided by College Board.  College Board is the organization that writes and scores the ACCUPLACER tests, as well as the SAT and PSAT.  If you do not already have a free College Board account, you will need to create one to access the practice resources.  Many of our new students may have a College Board account that was created if you took the PSAT exam.

The Student Practice page also provides free ACCUPLACER sample questions.  You will see links to PDF documents that include the sample questions, the correct answer for each and a detailed explanation of why it is the correct answer.  If nothing else, you should look at each Sample Question document and give them a try.

Note:  The Sample Questions documents you should view are: 

Next Generation Reading Sample Questions
Next-Generation Arithmetic Sample Questions
Next Generation Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra and Statistics Sample Questions*
Next Generation Advanced Algebra and Functions Sample Questions*
WritePlacer Guide with Sample Essays

The other sample question documents you see listed are not tested at SC4.

* Note re math tests:  Do not worry if you find the sample questions in the 2nd and 3rd math documents difficult.  Focus more practice and learning time on the Arithmetic sample questions.  Doing well on that test can place you in a good spot at SC4.

The "Inside the Test" page includes information on the Classic ACCUPLACER tests, which SC4 is no longer using.  At the bottom of the page is a link to get more information about the Next Generation ACCUPLACER tests.  You will find a bit more information on the topics covered in the Reading and Math tests you will take.

Test taking tips:

1.  Take your time.  The tests are not timed.  Do not rush through them.
2.  Stay focused, but do not get stressed.  You can retake these tests, and your SAT scores in the spring of 2020 can also be used for course placement at SC4.