SC4 Email

Email usage as an SC4/BWMCA student

All communication from SC4 and the BWMCA will be sent to your SC4 email address.  Therefore, it is important that students know how to access their SC4 email daily, save important messages, and be able to use their SC4 email account to read, manage, and send messages with attachments.

Forwarding your SC4 email to a personal email account

It is okay to forward SC4 email to a personal account you use, you should not rely solely on that.  Important SC4 and BWMCA messages may get lost in a large amount of personal or spam messages that might come into your gmail or yahoo account.  Even if you set up email forwarding, you should check your SC4 email account directly at least every other day.

Keep your Inbox clean

Your SC4 inbox has limited storage.  Because the middle college and SC4 and its instructors use your SC4 email address to communicate, it is critical that your inbox does not fill up.  If it does, messages bounce back to the sender as undeliverable.

Old emails that are no longer needed must be deleted at least once a semester.  You must be logged into your SC4 email account on a computer to clean up your inbox.  Once old messages are deleted, you must empty the trash or deleted items folder or the deleted items are still taking up space