Success Sessions

Success Sessions are provided several times a month by middle college staff to provide students time to meet as a group, share information and ideas, and learn about the strategies and skills that help students succeed at high levels in college.

Students are expected to attend all Success Sessions. They are often offered on Friday afternoons when there are few college classes taking place at SC4. Success Sessions for grade 13 students are offered Friday morning and afternoon to accommodate their differing schedules. Information on each upcoming Success Session is shared with students and parents via email.

Some of the topics addressed at the Success Sessions include:

  • Differences between high school and college
  • Planning for an associate degree
  • Note-taking and study strategies for college courses
  • Communicating with college instructors
  • Choosing college classes and the registration process
  • Awareness of departments and programs at SC4
  • Planning ahead:
  • Refining career choices
  • Identifying future college options
  • Credit transferability
  • The college application process
  • Paying for College: Financial Aid

Photo of an in progress Success Session
Traci Whymer, BWMCA Student Advisor, talks to new middle college students about calculating their grades throughout the semester. Awareness of where you stand is critical to success in a college course.