SC4 Registration

This page includes important information to successfully register for classes at St. Clair County Community College.  You will find video screencasts demonstrating how to use SC4's Service Center tools to determine what courses you need to complete your degree and register for them.  

Early and successful registration is necessary for students to be able to complete their college Program of Study on time and without conflicts with other school, extracurricular, or work commitments.

Service Center and Registration videos

Note:  We recommend playing the videos in "Full Screen" mode.  Click the small box in the lower right corner of the video screen to select "full screen".

Ms. Whymer created the following three videos to 1) provide an overview of your SC4 Service Center, 2) demonstrate how to use the Service Center tools for planning to earn your degree, and 3) use the Service Center to plan the coming semester and complete the registration process.

Video #1 - Service Center Overview

This short video provides an overview of the SC4 Service Center component of your SC4 portal.  The Service Center brings together several planning and registration tools in one easily-navigated place.  You should login and explore your Service Center after viewing this video.

Video #2 - Using the Service Center for Planning

The are several things to consider when choosing classes for a particular semester, but one of the primary considerations should be what classes are required for your degree.  The video below shows how the Service Center helps students clearly see what they have completed toward their program and what courses still remain to be completed.  Other important considerations when choosing classes can be found on the "Planning for your degree" page.

Video #3 - Using the Service Center to register for classes

This video demonstrates how to find the specific section of each course you want for the upcoming semester and complete the registration process once registration opens for that semester.  Ms. Whymer shows how to use filters to make your search for sections on the days and times you want much easier.  Take the time to view the entire video.  You will learn tips that make the whole process much easier.

SC4's Service Center was demonstrated to all 11th graders at one of the fall Success Sessions.  If you did not attend the session, viewing the 3 videos above is required.  BWMCA staff will be glad to help any student learn to use the Service Center, but you must have either attended the Success Session or viewed the videos first.  

SC4's Enrollment representatives are also available to help students complete the registration process on the first floor of the Welcome Center.  Keep in mind that those folks are not SC4 academic advisors.  They are not there to help you choose what classes to take.  If you need help with that, see an SC4 academic advisor or a Blue Water Middle College staff member.