Graduating from the Blue Water Middle College Academy

Students in their final year of the middle college may have two graduations in their future: high school and college.  There are several things to be aware of and some things that need to be done to successfully complete your experiences at the Blue Water Middle College Academy and St. Clair County Community College.  Please be aware of them so you do not miss any important deadlines or opportunities.

Requirements for BWMCA graduation:

Details on all of the following requirements and the SC4 and Blue Water Middle College Academy graduation ceremonies are found below.

  1. Complete our "Future Plans Survey"
  2. Complete the statewide MEMCA middle college graduate survey
  3. Apply for graduation from SC4 if you are fulfilling all degree requirements by this summer
  4. Return all books and materials to the middle college by the May 10th deadline
  5. iPads must be purchased for $50 or returned to the middle college in good working order.
  6. Attend the final, important Success Session - Friday, April 12th.
  7. Blue Water Middle College Academy Commencement details

BWMCA "Future Plans Survey"

It is important for us to know what you are planning to do after graduation.  We realize that you might not know that yourself right now and that plans can change.  The responses you provide on this brief survey also give us good information on how the middle college can improve on how we serve students.

Therefore, all BWMCA graduates are required to complete the online survey before May 17th to receive their diploma at our graduation ceremony on the 22rd.  Here is the link to the survey:  It only takes a few minutes to complete, but the more thoughtful your responses are, the more it helps us going forward.  Thank you!

MEMCA Graduate Survey

The Michigan Early and Middle College Association (MEMCA) works closely with the Michigan Department of Education to maintain state support of early and middle colleges.  They require that all students graduating from a middle college at the end of grade 13 complete a survey about their experiences and achievements as a middle college student.  (Note: Students graduating at the end of 12th grade are not to take this survey.)

The MEMCA Graduate Survey is online and anonymous.  The MEMCA Graduate Survey will be live on April 10 and open through May 10.  The link to the MEMCA survey will be emailed to all 2019 BWMCA students graduating at the end of grade 13.  The MEMCA survey is only available between April 10 and May 10.  We would like all our graduating students completing grade 13 to complete it by the May 10th deadline; prior to the middle college commencement ceremony.  


Graduation from SC4: You must apply

Students who are completing the requirements for an associate degrees from SC4 must apply to be awarded the degree.  Students applying for after February 28th may not have their name included in the program ceremony, but they can still participate in the commencement ceremony.  There are two ways to apply for graduation from SC4:

Apply online
You can apply for graduation from within your SC4 portal.  Go into the new "Service Center" and click on the "Graduation Overview" section.  It only takes a couple of minutes to complete and submit the application.

Paper application
Students who are applying for a different degree than the last program they verified with the college or students applying for a second degree must submit a paper application. Applications for SC4 graduation can be found in the middle college office or by clicking on the following link: Application for Grad Assoc.pdf  Paper application must be submitted in the SC4 One Stop office in the Welcome Center building.

SC4 Spring Commencement

SC4's commencement ceremony is the evening of Friday, May 3rd, at McMorran Arena.  You will be notified by SC4 as to when and where to report for the ceremony.  Any family and friends who want to attend the ceremony are welcome.  There are no tickets needed.

SC4 Cap and Gown
The college provides a cap and gown at no cost to each graduate.  You do not have to order the cap and gown ahead of time.  If you have applied for graduation and received the letter confirming your ability to graduate this spring, you can pick up your cap and gown beginning with SC4's Grad Fest on April 4th or anytime after the 4th in the SC4 bookstore.

Grad Fest is held in Room 150 of the Welcome Center from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on April 4th.  Just drop in for your cap and gown and other fun things related to graduation.

SC4 graduates do not receive their actual SC4 diploma at the commencement ceremony.  It is mailed to graduates later in the summer after the college confirms that all final required classes have been completed successfully.

Blue Water Middle College Academy graduation

All BWMCA students leaving at the end of this school year are invited to attend the BWMCA commencement ceremony scheduled for Wednesday, May 22nd, at 7:00 p.m. in the McMorran Theatre.  Students are required to be at the theatre by 6:30 p.m.  The theatre is large enough to hold all the family members and friends that want to attend.  They do not need tickets to attend.

Students who have completed all of the high school graduation requirements and returned all BWMCA materials will receive their high school diploma at the ceremony.  Students who have not completed their high school requirements through the middle college and/or one of our partner high schools will receive a certificate of completion.

No BWMCA cap and gown
Students do not wear a cap and gown to the middle college commencement ceremony.  Many of our students had to purchase a cap and gown for their high school commencement the year before and will have received a cap and gown for their college commencement a few weeks prior to the middle college ceremony.  We simply ask that students dress nicely for our ceremony, and they always come through and look great.

Textbook return and iPads

All textbooks and BWMCA materials must be returned before students will receive their high school diploma.  The deadline for textbook return is Friday, May 10th.  You will be assessed a $25 late fee for returning books after that date.

Students graduating this spring can purchase their BWMCA iPad for $50, or they must return it in good working order.  You can purchase your iPad at any time from now through May 17th.  Bring either $50 in cash or check made out to "Blue Water Middle College Academy".

Final Success Session - Friday, April 12th

Graduating students' final Success Session is scheduled for Friday, April 12th, in SC4's Theatre in the Fine Arts Building.  There will be a morning session from 10:00 - 11:30 and an afternoon session from 1:00 - 2:30.

The session will cover a number of topics important for students to know as they leave the middle college and transition to a regular college student either continuing at SC4 or at a four-year college or university.  We will also have information for students looking to find a good job right after graduation.  Information presented will include:

  • Your status as a BWMCA graduate: Freshman? Transfer student? Sophomore? Junior?  Undergraduate or graduate student?
  • Declaring a "major" and "minor" at a university. Be ready.
  • Your SC4 transcript: What is on your college transcript? When will your final SC4 transcript be ready? How do you order a college transcript in the years ahead?
  • How to buy/rent college textbooks without breaking your budget.
  • What new challenges will you face on a university campus?
  • Resources available at SC4 to help you find a job in the next couple of months or a few years from now.

Attend in person. The information is better, clearer, and you will not have a follow-up assignment to complete.  If you absolutely cannot attend in person, you will be required to view the video summary and submit a related assignment prior to graduating from the middle college.