Chromebook Information

Blue Water Middle College Academy students are offered the use of a Chromebook as a tool for staying in touch (email), research (internet access), organization (calendar), and productivity (writing, note-taking, presentations, collaboration with classmates, etc.).  Chromebook photo

Chromebooks function in many ways like a full laptop computer.  A primary difference is that your documents, presentations, photos, etc., are stored in the cloud not on the computer itself.  Cloud options include Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive.

Papers can be written using Microsoft Word or Google Docs.  Over time, we will demonstrate how to use those and many more applications to aid your success in college courses.  Feel free to explore on your own.  Share the good things you find and learn how to do with your classmates.

Chromebook login and SC4 portal and email access instructions:

Turn on your Chromebook (button on the right side) and connect to the WiFi.
  • You should automatically be taken to a page that says “Wireless Access” at the top. If this page doesn’t pop up on its own, click on the wifi icon in the lower right corner of the screen (next to the time).

  • If you are at home or in a location that offers WiFi, enter whatever information you need to connect.

  • If you are on SC4's campus, select “sc4public”.

  • Open Google Chrome and go to

Open the SC4 website to bring up the WiFi login page.
  • Enter your SC4 username and password you received in the mail from SC4.

  • Your username is usually your first initial and last name (ex. twhymer). You may have a number after your last name.

  • Your initial password is the last six digits of your social security number. (You will be prompted to change your SC4 password when you login.) 

When you have connected to WiFi, login to your Chromebook:
  • Your Chromebook username is lastname.firstname.20 (for 2018 cohort students)

  • Your default password is "BWMCR0cks!"  The "0" in Rocks is a zero, not an "oh". 

  • Scroll down and click "Accept".

If you have problems logging into your Chromebook email Mrs. Lawson at

Login to your SC4 portal:
  • Open the Chrome browser and go to

  • Click "Portal" at the very bottom of the page and login with your SC4 username and password.

  • You can also access the portal directly by going to

  • You will be directed to change your password right away -- follow the prompts and make sure you save your password somewhere safe!

  • If you are not immediately directed to changed your password, you can do it anytime at:

Setup your SC4 Student email on the portal:
  • On the right side of the page, click on "Try Entering My Credentials" and follow the prompts:
    • Your username is the same portal username.

    • Your password is the NEW password that you just created for your portal login.

    • Re-enter it in "Confirm Password".

    • You will have to approve the language and time zone, and then you will see your email account.

 Setup your SC4 Student Email on your Phone

  • Settings à Mail, Contacts, Calendars à Add Account à Exchange
  • Email: (example:
  • Password: the NEW password you use for the portal
  • Description: SC4 Email
  • Server:
  • Domain: stclair.ccc
  • Username: username (only your username; example: jsmith2)
  • After it is setup, while you are still in Settings, click on the SC4 email account and update the following:
  • Click on “Mail Days to Sync” and select “No Limit”

Bookmark the following websites by clicking the star on the right side of the address line


Download the apps and extensions below, and explore!

  • Go to the Google Chrome web store at, and download the following:
  • MyHomework
  • Google Docs
  • OneNote Online
  • Office Online
  • Last Pass