Chromebook Information

Turn on your Chromebook (button on the right side) and connect to the WiFi

  • You should automatically be taken to a page that says “Wireless Access” at the top. If this page doesn’t pop up on its own, click on the wifi icon in the lower right corner of the screen (next to the time).
  • Select “sc4public”
  • Open Google Chrome and go to


Login to your Chromebook, using your BWMC login

  • BWMC Username:
  • Password: BWMCRocks!
  • Scroll down and click “Accept”


Login to your SC4 Portal

  • à login with your same SC4 username and password
  • If you reset your password and can’t remember it, you can reset it anytime at Enter the information that it asks for and be sure to capitalize your last name (ex. Whymer). Once you have submitted, scroll down and it will tell you your username and whether the reset was successful.


Setup your SC4 Student Email on the Portal

  • On the right side of the page, click on “Try Entering My Credentials” and follow the prompts
  • Username: same portal username (ex. twhymer)
  • Password: your NEW password that you just created, and then reenter it in “Confirm Password”


Setup your SC4 Student Email on your Phone

  • Settings à Mail, Contacts, Calendars à Add Account à Exchange
  • Email: (example:
  • Password: the NEW password you use for the portal
  • Description: SC4 Email
  • Server:
  • Domain: stclair.ccc
  • Username: username (only your username; example: jsmith2)
  • After it is setup, while you are still in Settings, click on the SC4 email account and update the following:
  • Click on “Mail Days to Sync” and select “No Limit”


Bookmark the following websites by clicking the star on the right side of the address line



Download the apps and extensions below, and explore!

  • Go to the Google Chrome web store at, and download the following:
  • MyHomework
  • Google Docs
  • OneNote Online
  • Office Online
  • Last Pass

To sync the BWMC event calendar with your Google calendar
Open your Google calendar
Click on the dropdown menu at "Other Calendars"
Select "Add by URL"
Copy the link below into the URL field and select "Add Calendar"