Emotional and Physical Well-being

Ideas and resources to stay positive, happy and healthy

Things have changed in so many ways recently for Blue Water Middle College Academy students.  Social distancing measures to reduce the threat of the new coronavirus has changed your school life, your family life, your social life, and possibly your work life.  Changes periodically occur in one of theses areas of our lives, but never all of them and to the degree they have changed.

There are things we can do to stay emotionally and physically healthy during these changes, and there are people we can talk to if the stress in any or all of these areas starts building and does not seem to be getting better.

On this page, you will find ideas for staying emotionally and physically healthy.  You will also find numbers to call to talk with someone who will understand what you are going through and is experienced and knowledgeable in how to help.  Take a look at the resources below just so you know what is here.  You can always come back to this page if you realize you need some inspiration or help.

Your first step can always be to reach out to a BWMCA staff member.  Our contact information is on the website homepage.

Good things to keep in mind

The image below shows some simple things that you control to make yourself feel better.  Try one or two of the suggestions in the brighter inner circle and see how it goes.  You will also see things in the darker areas that can really worry and stress us but that we cannot control.  Try to let go of those things and put your energy into what you can control.

Image titled "What I Can Control".

Talk to a mental health professional

You or any of your family members can call, text or email the numbers below to contact a professional who can provide support and information to help you feel better.

Link to Community Mental Health Support Line image

Go for the Growth Zone!

The graphic below helps us all to grow and be healthier people during the Covid-19 situation.  Look at the ways of moving out of the Fear Zone and toward the Growth Zone.  Don't worry about doing all of them right away.  Pick a few ways to move toward Growth!

Photo of "Who I want to be" image during Covid-19 period.