To reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus throughout the community, schools, businesses and organizations are making significant changes to their operations.  This page will serve as a source of information about the changes affecting Blue Water Middle College Academy students.

Two overarching goals guide the plans and actions of the middle college and its partner schools:

  1. Promote the health and safety of our students, staff, and the St. Clair County community

  2. Support the continuation of learning by students

Achievement of these goals requires students to stay informed of changes that may be specific to them.  It is more important than ever that students check their SC4 email accounts every day and carefully read all messages from SC4, their SC4 instructors and Blue Water Middle College staff members.

Current updates/changes


St. Clair County Community College on campus classes are cancelled for the week of March 16 - 20.  Online classes will continue as scheduled.

SC4's campus is now closed to all students and the general public through April 5th.  No on campus support areas including the library, the Achievement Center, or the math and writing centers will be open.  No on campus, proctored testing will take place during this time period.

Faculty will work to transition on-campus courses to alternative formats over the next week (March 16 - 20) and be in contact with students. Please continue to review your SC4 email account and/or online course site for more information.

Check SC4's Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update page for the latest information:

High School

All high schools in the Michigan will be closed to students from March 16th through April 5th.  BWMCA students attend one of six partner high schools in five districts.  Monitor information from your district and high school to stay aware of all expectations for continuation of learning and availability of academic, technology, and social supports during the closure period.

Blue Water Middle College

The Blue Water Middle College Academy office is also closed.  Blue Water Middle College staff are still working.  Please contact them if you have any questions or concerns.  We will be able to help with almost all questions via phone or email.  SC4 staff is also working and may be able to help, as well.  You do not have to face your academic challenges alone.  Please contact one of us if you are worried about your coursework or future planning.

Face-to-face meetings with BWMCA staff will not take place until further notice.  We are contacting any students with whom we had appointments scheduled and will conduct the meeting either via email or by phone.  If the meeting topic was not urgent, it may be rescheduled for a face-to-face meeting sometime in April.

Technology - Internet Access

Devices such as Chromebooks, laptops or desktop computers should be used to view video and web-based resources and to write and submit assignments and assessments.  All BWMCA students were issued a Chromebook when they enrolled, or they declined the Chromebook, because they had a similar device of their own.  If your Chromebook is not working, or you did not take a Chromebook when you enrolled in the middle college and now need one, please contact the middle college immediately.  We can arrange for you to get a working Chromebook.

Students must be able to connect to the internet with their device to access college coursework that will be delivered online in the coming weeks.  While many students have internet connectivity and WiFi at home, some do not.  If you do not have a way to connect to the internet at your home, contact Mr. Spencer immediately by email or via our Remind texting system.

Here are a couple of free or low cost options for internet access.

We have a number of mobile hotspot devices available for loan through the end of the semester.  They will be offered to students who do not have working internet access at home.  Contact Mr. Spencer asap if you would like to be considered for one of the mobile hotspot devices.  There is no charge for their use.

The Internet Essentials package from Comcast for low income households is offering the first two months for free for new customers.  Go to this website to learn more:  Two months should get you through the end of SC4's winter semester.

Port Huron High School and Port Huron Northern High School students can utilize their school's wireless access from the parking lot outside of the buildings.  See the PHASD Facebook page for more information on the best location to park to get a strong signal.

General information

The current health threat and related actions being taken by schools, businesses, and government agencies to reduce the threat can understandably cause worry and anxiety for a variety of reasons.  BWMCA students may be worried about successfully completing their college courses that were face-to-face but are now moving to online.  The college understands the difficulty it may pose to its students and will be working hard to support its students and instructors in this transition.

Please contact anyone at the Blue Water Middle College if you are worried about succeeding in your college courses and the impact of these changes on your degree this spring or moving forward with your plans to graduate with a degree on time in 2021 or 2022.  

Please keep in mind that staff from all of the schools in St. Clair County are working very hard to help their students to continue learning without delay of their academic goals.  They need you to work hard to stay informed and adapt, as needed, to the new situation.  Adapting is one of the key Actions for Success you were introduced to during orientation.  Communicating is another.  Put both of those actions into practice over the coming weeks, and you will succeed in all of your goals.

New Student Enrollment status

Students enrolling in the fall of 2020 will be delayed in their ability to take SC4's ACCUPLACER placement exams, because SC4's Testing Center is closed at least through April 5th.  Students who have decided to enroll in the middle college and have completed their enrollment interview, should submit SC4's online application and submit the paper SC4 Guest Student and Dual Enrollment Authorization form to the middle college.  Both of those are needed for SC4 to accept the student and make them eligible for ACCUPLACER testing when the Testing Center reopens.

New students and parents/guardians should not be worried that things are delayed.  There are no pending deadlines that must be met as long as students have submitted their Blue Water Middle College application by March 31st and have scheduled an enrollment interview.

Any students interested in attending the Blue Water Middle College Academy must submit an application to the BWMCA no later than March 31st.  The link to the online BWMCA application can be found on the Enrollment page of this website.  Click on the Enrollment tab at the top of this page.

Note:  Currently, enrollment interviews with the student and at least one parent or guardian are being conducted by phone due to the BWMCA being closed.  

Links to more COVID-19 information and resources

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