Graduating from the Blue Water Middle College Academy - Note changes due to Covid-19 situation

Due to Stay at Home orders and limits on public gatherings, SC4 has cancelled their spring commencement this year.  They will invite all students who will graduate at the end of winter and summer semesters (2020) to attend a special commencement ceremony at the end of fall semester (2020).  For students who have applied to graduate from SC4 and who have completed all of their final requirements, their degree(s) will be granted shortly after the end of winter semester, and their college diploma will be mailed to them later in the summer.

The Blue Water Middle College Academy has also cancelled its high school commencement ceremony that was scheduled for May 20, 2020.  Graduating students receive traditionally receive their official high school diploma at that ceremony or any date after that.  We do not know when the Stay at Home order will be lifted and when it will be safe for students and staff to go to campus to return books and Chromebooks and to pick up high school diplomas.  That information will be shared when plans are finalized.

Requirements for BWMCA graduation:

Some of the information regarding deadlines and ceremonies have changed.  The requirements for the "Future Plans Survey", returning all textbooks and materials, and purchasing or returning the BWMC Chromebook remain in place.

Details on all of the following requirements for graduation from the BWMCA and SC4 are found below.

  1. Complete our "Future Plans Survey"
  2. Apply for graduation from SC4 if you are fulfilling all degree requirements by this summer
  3. Return all books and materials to the middle college  
  4. Chromebooks must be purchased for $50 or returned to the middle college in good working order.
  5. View the final, important Success Session - Online

BWMCA "Future Plans Survey"

Thank you to the many students who have already completed the Future Plans Survey.  It is important for us to know what you are planning to do after graduation.  It is okay if you are not 100% certain of your plans, and we understand that plans can change, but it helps to know what you are thinking as of now.  The responses you provide on this brief survey also give us good information on how the middle college can improve on how we serve students.

Therefore, all BWMCA graduates are required to complete the online survey before you can pick up your high school diploma.   Here is the link to the survey:  It only takes a few minutes to complete, but the more thoughtful your responses are, the more it helps us going forward.  Please complete it as soon as possible.  Thank you!

Graduation from SC4: You must apply

Students who are completing the requirements for an associate degrees from SC4 must apply to be awarded the degree.  You can still apply and be awarded your SC4 degree(s) at the end of winter semester.

Apply online
You can apply for graduation from within your SC4 portal.  Go into the your "Service Center" and click on the "Graduation Overview" section.  It only takes a couple of minutes to complete and submit the application.  This online application is only for your current program of study.  If you are pursuing a different degree that what is listed in your Service Center, you must submit SC4's paper application. (See below)

Paper application
Students who are applying for a different degree than the program showing in their Service Center or students applying for a second degree must submit a paper application. Applications for SC4 graduation can be found in the middle college office or by clicking on the following link: Application for Grad Assoc.pdf  Paper application can be submitted to SC4 by mailing the completed application to St. Clair County Community College, 323 Erie St., Port Huron, Mi 48061 or you can send a clear photo or scan of the application to

SC4 Spring Commencement

SC4 has postponed their spring commencement.   The following information was posted on SC4's coronavirus information page on March 18th.

"We will continue to honor our Class of 2020 graduates in several ways at the conclusion of the winter semester and will mail degrees directly to students. We have begun preparation to host a larger December commencement ceremony and will invite all 2020 grads to attend."

Blue Water Middle College Academy graduation

As noted above, the Blue Water Middle College Academy commencement ceremony that was scheduled for May 20, 2020 has been cancelled.  It will not be rescheduled, but we will look for ways of honoring our graduates and recognizing the significant accomplishments achieved by middle college students.

Plans will be made for BWMCA graduates to pick up their high school diploma when they return their textbooks and other BWMCA materials they may have borrowed.  Their Chromebook must also be returned or purchased before they will receive their diploma. Details of when materials can be returned cannot be finalized due to the changing status of the Covid-19 epidemic. (See below)

Textbook return and Chromebooks

All textbooks and BWMCA materials must be returned before students will receive their high school diploma.  You will also be assessed a $25 late fee for returning books after the deadline that will be set once we are allowed to return to campus.

Update as of 4/24/2020:  SC4 announced their campus will be closed through at least May 15.  Textbook and Chromebook returns will, therefore, not take place until later in May or June.  When the dates for textbook returns are set, they will be communicated to students via email, text, Facebook and Twitter.  Do not attempt to return books to the SC4 bookstore.  They must be returned to the middle college.

Students graduating this spring can purchase their BWMCA Chromebook for $50, or they must return it in good working order.  Once students can return to campus, they can bring either $50 in cash or a check made out to "Blue Water Middle College Academy" to purchase their Chromebook.  More information on when this can take place will be shared in the future.

Final Success Session - Online

Graduating students' final Success Session was live-streamed on Wednesday, April 29 at 2:00 p.m. via Zoom video conference. 

The session covered a number of topics important for students to know as they leave the middle college and transition to a traditional college student either at SC4 or at a four-year college or university.  There was also information for students looking to find a good job right after graduation.  Information presented included:

  • Your status as a BWMCA graduate: Freshman? Transfer student? Sophomore? Junior?  Undergraduate or graduate student?

  • Declaring a "major" and "minor" at a university. Be ready.

  • Your SC4 transcript: What is on your college transcript? When will your final SC4 transcript be ready? How do you order a college transcript in the years ahead?

  • How to buy/rent college textbooks without breaking your budget. 

  • Resources available at SC4 to help you find a job in the very near future or years from now.

The Zoom session was recorded and can be viewed below.  Note:  Maximize the video or view it on YouTube to see some of the text more clearly.