SC4 Registration

This page includes important information needed to successfully register for classes at St. Clair County Community College.  You will find a list of important suggestions and requirements related to the registration process and video screencasts demonstrating exactly how to complete each step in the process and make sure you have registered successfully.  

Early and successful registration is necessary for students to be able to complete their college Program of Study on time and without conflicts with other school, extracurricular, or work commitments.

"How To" Registration videos

Note:  We recommend playing the videos in "Full Screen" mode.  Click the small box in the lower right corner of the video screen to select "full screen".

The following videos clearly demonstrate how to find the classes you have determined that you want to take and how to complete the registration process for them.  Feel free to scroll to the part of the process you want to review or re-learn.  However, it is a good idea to set aside about 30 minutes to view both of them in their entirety.

The "SC4 Registration Part 1" video below includes the following:
  • A brief overview of your student portal
  • A demonstration of the Registration section of your WAVE.
  • A demonstration of SC4's Schedule Planner tool.
  • Verifying your Program of Study
  • A demonstration of how to add course sections to your Preferred Sections.

The "Registration: Completing & Confirming" video below includes the following:
  • Registering sections that were placed in your Preferred Sections
  • Checking for Error messages when you try to register
  • Confirming that you successfully registered for the sections you want
  • A demonstration of how to add course sections to your Preferred Sections.

Steps to Successfully Register for SC4 classes:

  1. Know the classes you need to move forward with your Program of Study.
    Go to the Scheduling Document and Links page for worksheets and tools to help you plan.  Meet with a BWMCA or SC4 advisor to discuss your program and make sure you are on track.
  2. Verify your Academic Program.
    Each semester you musts inform the college of the degree you are pursuing.  It is okay to change your academic program, but keeping it as accurate as possible helps BWMCA and SC4 advisors help you successfully complete your program.  Verify you program by clicking the link near the top of the "Register for Classes" page in your WAVE.

  3. Use the Schedule Planner tool to find a schedule that works.
    Ms. Whymer demonstrates use of SC4's schedule planner toll in the "SC4 Registration Part 1" video above.  Schedule Planner will give you a nice picture of what your weekly schedule will look like, including time for high school, college, sports, work, and other time commitments you might have.  When you find a schedule that works well for you, be sure to either print it or write down the course code, including the section number and four-digit synonym number.  You will use that in the next step.

  4. Add your class selections to "Preferred Sections".
    Once you know the course code and section of each course you want, you must add them to the "Preferred Sections" part of your WAVE account.  You cannot register for classes that are not in your Preferred Sections first.  Ms. Whymer describes how to add courses to your Preferred Sections starting at about the 15-minute mark of the "Part 1" video.  You can have several courses in Preferred Sections until you register.  You can then remove the sections you do not register for.

  5. Register your classes.  
    When registration opens for the coming semester, go to your "Register and Drop Classes" page.  Choose "Register" as the Action to take for the courses you want.  Then choose "Submit" at the bottom of the page.  You are now sending your course selections to SC4.

  6. Don't walk away!
    Read the page that comes up next.  After clicking "Submit" wait for the page to reload.  It will either tell you that the actions you chose were successful, or it will let you know there was a problem.  If the courses were not successfully registered, ​carefully​ read the message at the top of the page.  It will explain why your registration was not successful.  If you are unsure of why your registration was not successful or have questions about solving the problem, contact one of the Blue Water Middle College staff members.

  7. Check to make sure the classes are on your winter schedule.
    Scroll to the bottom of the "Register and Drop Classes" page.  In the section titled, "Current Registrations" you should see the classes you are currently taking and the new classes for next semester.  If you do not see the new classes for next semester, you did not register successfully.  Go back and check all the steps or contact a BWMCA staff member.

  8. Double-check one more time.
    At any point before the next semester begins you can check to be sure your have the classes you want by going into the "Academic Profile" section of your WAVE and choosing the "View/Print my Class Schedule" tab.  Select the coming semester and click "Submit".  You will then see the classes for which you are registered.  If you don't see the classes you thought you had, you are not registered for them.  Contact someone immediately for help.

You can also get all of your registration questions answered by SC4's Enrollment representatives in the One Stop Office located on the first floor of the SC4 Welcome Center.