Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and answers address some important topics students and parents often ask or should consider before deciding to enroll in the Blue Water Middle College Academy.  The decision should not be made lightly or without considering what will be different for the student if they become a middle college student.  

Admission Requirements

Q.  Are there criteria students must meet to be admitted into the Blue Water Middle College Academy?

A.  There are no minimum grade or testing standards students must meet to enroll in the middle college, but it is important that students are ready for the challenges they will face.  Students will be challenged academically in their SC4 courses with different and often higher expectations.  Students will be challenged in other ways, as well, such as getting to and from St. Clair County Community College (SC4), keeping organized, meeting deadlines, and improving their level of self-awareness and willingness to seek help when needed. 

Part of the enrollment process requires students to consider these challenges prior to making the decision to enroll.  Students who honestly and carefully consider their readiness and willingness to confront the challenges will make the right decision.

SC4 requires all new students to take three placement exams in reading, writing, and mathematics.  The results do not prevent a student from enrolling in the college, but they do determine what English, math, and some other courses that students can take.  Placement in "developmental education" English or math courses can cost middle college students money.  After taking the placement exams at SC4, a student might decide not to continue his or her enrollment in the middle college.  See the Placement Exam section below for more information.