Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and answers address some important topics students and parents often ask or should consider before deciding to enroll in the Blue Water Middle College Academy.  The decision should not be made lightly or without considering what will be different for the student if they become a middle college student.  

Admission Requirements

Q.  Are there criteria students must meet to be admitted into the Blue Water Middle College Academy?

A.  There are no minimum grade or testing standards students must meet to enroll in the middle college, but it is important that students are ready for the challenges they will face.  Students will be challenged academically in their SC4 courses with different and often higher expectations.  Students will be challenged in other ways, as well, such as getting to and from St. Clair County Community College (SC4), keeping organized, meeting deadlines, and improving their level of self-awareness and willingness to seek help when needed. 

Part of the enrollment process requires students to consider these challenges prior to making the decision to enroll.  Students who honestly and carefully consider their readiness and willingness to confront the challenges will make the right decision.

SC4 requires all new students to take three placement exams in reading, writing, and mathematics.  The results do not prevent a student from enrolling in the college, but they do determine what English, math, and some other courses that students can take.  Placement in "developmental education" English or math courses can cost middle college students money.  After taking the placement exams at SC4, a student might decide not to continue his or her enrollment in the middle college.  See the Placement Exam section below for more information.

Extracurricular Activities

Q.  Do I have to give up band, sports and other high school activities?

A.  Absolutely not! The great thing about college is that your schedule can be flexible. The middle college enrolls many students who play in their marching band, participate in sports, and do all the other high school activities they choose.

Middle college students are not excused from academic requirements and expectations in their college courses because they are in the middle college.  Nor are middle college students excused from practice, performance, or competition expectations and requirements due to college requirements. 

It is important for BWMCA students who are active in extracurricular activities to plan well ahead when scheduling college courses.  If conflicts arise, students must contact their SC4 instructors and/or their coach or club sponsor to ask for alternatives to a conflicting activity.  Instructors and coaches are often able to accommodate such conflicts, but not always, and they are not required or expected to.

High School Graduation

Q.  Do I graduate with my high school class?

A.  Blue Water Middle College students can participate in all graduation-related activities at their high school in 12th grade.  However, when students enroll in the BWMCA, the middle college becomes their official high school.  So, they do not graduate with a high school diploma from their local high school.  BWMCA students are awarded their high school diploma at the end of grade 13, and it is issued by the Blue Water Middle College Academy.

As long as a middle college student has completed the Michigan's Merit Curriculum requirements, they can participate in their home high school's commencement ceremony and other senior year activities such as prom, an all-night graduation party, etc.  They can have their own graduation Open House at the end of 12th grade.  Technically, however, they do not graduate until the end of grade 13.

College Achievements

Q.  What can I earn as a middle college student attending St. Clair County Community College (SC4)?

A.  Blue Water Middle College Academy students have a tremendous opportunity by attending SC4.  With proper planning, hard work, and utilization of the numerous support resources offered by the middle college and SC4, students can achieve the following by the end of grade 13:

  • Earn an associate degree
  • Fulfill the requirements of the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA)
  • Earn one or more professional certificates
  • Participate in SC4 clubs
  • Join SC4's chapter of Phi Theta Kappa (a college honor society)

In addition to the achievements listed above, BWMCA students learn how to succeed in college.  From the new student orientation and the weekly Seminar for new students in their first fall semester at SC4, through Success Sessions for grade 13 students on Applying to College and Paying for College, BWMCA students are provided with success strategies and academic and advising support.  These supports not only help them succeed at SC4, but they pave the way for success in our students' next steps at four-year universities or other career training.