An Interview with the Director

Dateline Schools Interview with Middle College Director, Pete Spencer

St. Clair County RESA's Terry Harrington talks to Pete Spencer about the Blue Water Middle College Academy in a series of short interview segments.  View some or all of them to get an idea of what the middle college is and whether it might be right for you.  

Segment 1 includes:

- An overview of the Blue Water Middle College Academy
- A description of what happens during the application/enrollment period: Jan. 1 - March 31
- Why the middle college is a good opportunity for students.

Segment 2 includes:

- Who is eligible to enroll in the middle college?
- Are there criteria students must meet to be accepted?
- What is the enrollment process?

Segment 3 includes:

- Student participation in activities at their partner high school
- Discussion of SC4's placement exams
- How college classes are scheduled

Segment 4 includes:

- How the middle college helps students focus their academic and career goals
- Discussion of SC4 degrees and classes available to BWMCA students
- BWMCA high school and college graduation rates

Segment 5 includes:

- When and where do BWMCA students take the M-STEP exams including the SAT?
- Discussion of SAT prep sessions
- Success stories about BWMCA graduates