An Interview with the Director

Dateline Schools Interview with Middle College Director, Pete Spencer

A few years ago, St. Clair County RESA's Terry Harrington talked to Pete Spencer about the Blue Water Middle College Academy in a series of short interview segments.  View some or all of them to get an idea of what the middle college is and whether it might be right for you.  

Segment 1 includes:

- An overview of the Blue Water Middle College Academy
- A description of what happens during the application/enrollment period: Jan. 1 - March 31
- Why the middle college is a good opportunity for students.

Segment 2 includes:

- Who is eligible to enroll in the middle college?
- Are there criteria students must meet to be accepted?
- What is the enrollment process?

Segment 3 includes:

- Student participation in activities at their partner high school
- Discussion of SC4's placement exams
- How college classes are scheduled

Segment 4 includes:

- How the middle college helps students focus their academic and career goals
- Discussion of SC4 degrees and classes available to BWMCA students
- BWMCA high school and college graduation rates

Segment 5 includes:

- When and where do BWMCA students take the M-STEP exams including the SAT?
- Discussion of SAT prep sessions
- Success stories about BWMCA graduates